Ajay Devgn Vs Kichcha Sudeep Twitter War

April 28, 2022

Ajay Devgn Vs Kichcha Sudeep Twitter War

Ajay Devgn and Kichcha Sudeep are the biggest actors in Bollywood and Sandalwood. The duo enjoys a decent fan following in different part of the country. Last night, Ajay Devgn Vs Kichcha Sudeep had a clash on social media over Hindi language. For those who are unversed,

When Kichcha Sudeep was reportedly speaking to the media at the trailer launch of the film “R: The Deadliest Gangster Ever” when he corrected someone on the use of the term “pan-India” regarding the reach of movies.

Responding to a comment on the recently released blockbuster Kannada movie “K.G.F: Chapter 2”, which has done tremendously well even in North India, Mr Sudeep said, “everyone says that a Kannada film was made on a pan-India level but a small correction is that Hindi is not a national language anymore”. Netizens trolled Sudeep for his remark about Hindi language. The latest one is Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn who also reacted to Sudeep’s comments to Hindi language “@KicchaSudeep my brother, according to you if Hindi is not our national language then why do you release your mother tongue movies by dubbing them in Hindi? Hindi was, is and always will be our mother tongue and national language. Jan Gan Man,” he tweeted in Hindi.

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Actor Sudeep replied to Ajay Devgn’s Hindi tweet and said what he meant was completely different and was in a totally different context. “Hello @ajaydevgn sir.. the context to why i said tat line is entirely different to the way I guess it has reached you. Probably wil emphasis on why the statement was made when I see you in person. It wasn’t to hurt,Provoke or to start any debate. Why would I sir. I love and respect every language of our country sir. I would want this topic to rest,,, as I said the line in a totally different context. Mch luv and wshs to you always. Hoping to seeing you soon,” actor Sudeep tweeted.