SSMB29: Pre-Production In Full Swing

April 30, 2024

SSMB29: Pre-Production In Full Swing

Fans and audiences are eagerly awaiting the start of the long-awaited Pan World movie starring Mahesh Babu with director Rajamouli. There are rumors that there was an announcement that the movie would come during Ugadi but we didn’t get any updates on that day. However, reliable sources say there’s a different plan in motion.

Now, there’s talk that we might get to see the first look poster of the movie during Superstar Krishna’s birthday celebrations on May 31st. This could also bring more details and insights into the film. Fans are getting really excited about this sneak peek into the highly anticipated project. It’s interesting to note that Mahesh has changed his hairstyle, opting for a ‘julpa’ style with raised hair at the back. He’s been showing off this new look at various events hinting at a possible transformation for his character in the upcoming film. This change isn’t just random; it seems like a deliberate choice possibly marking the start of the movie’s promotional campaign.

Preparations for the film are in full swing with Rajamouli carefully planning the costumes for Mahesh’s character, Talu, who’s going on a forest adventure. Although there were plans for a teaser initially it didn’t work out and got dropped. Instead, there’s a photo shoot scheduled for next week to capture the essence of the character and the movie’s story. As we get closer to shooting the filming is expected to start after summer which will be mostly indoors. Initially, scenes will be shot against a green mat backdrop and then VFX effects will be added later to create the right atmosphere and setting. The movie is aiming for a release in 2026 and while many think it’ll be split into two parts, there’s been no official confirmation yet.

Despite all the excitement, there hasn’t been as much buzz around SSMB 29, not just in Tollywood but also in the North. There are ongoing discussions about which production houses will partner with Sri Durga Arts for the project but nothing’s been decided yet. Still, fans are eagerly waiting for more news and updates about this exciting collaboration.

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