Anushka Shetty To Collab With Krish Again ?

January 5, 2024

Anushka Shetty To Collab With Krish Again ?

Anushka Shetty, affectionately hailed as Lady Superstar by her fans and the media, has earned this title not solely for her association with blockbuster films with star heroes, but for her remarkable ability to command box office success through her sheer presence. While she initially did glamourous roles at the beginning of her career, after record-breaking ‘Arundhathi’ she has completely transformed her career and became a numero uno choice for strong female roles and lady-oriented films.

After the success of Arundhathi, scripts were written around her and a trend of female-oriented films started in the south film industry. Anushka played a very important role in making this genre a trend, reminiscent of Lady Amitabh and Vijayasanthi’s impact in the 90s. Filmmakers increasingly sought Anushka as their primary choice for women-centric films, even as she continued to feature in commercial ventures alongside A-list heroes.

Apart from her acclaimed role in ‘Arundhathi’, Anushka Shetty has delivered notable performances in films like ‘Panchkshari’, ‘Bhaagamathi’, ‘Size Zero’ and the recent ‘Miss.Shetty Mr. Polishetty’ Many of these films achieved tremendous success, setting new benchmarks for the highest collections in the South Indian film market for women-centric cinema.

The latest buzz is that Anushka has approved for a collaboration with director Krish. Anushka had previously worked with Krish in the 2010 film ‘Vedham,’ where she portrayed the iconic role of the prostitute Saroja. The film earned Anushka widespread acclaim for her authentic portrayal and natural performance. Now, after 13 years, Krish is gearing up for another compelling women-centric film, firmly believing that Anushka is the ideal choice to do justice to the role. Reports suggest that Anushka herself is eager to take on this new project. Stay tuned for the official announcement and further details, which are expected to be revealed soon.

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