Actresses in Their 30s Navigate New Challenges in Evolving Film Industry.

December 8, 2023

Actresses in Their 30s Navigate New Challenges in Evolving Film Industry.

The careers of seasoned actresses in their 30s face a critical juncture. Despite stars like Kajal embracing challenging roles in films like ‘Satyabhama’ and Tamannaah venturing into the Hindi web series domain with ‘Akhri Sach’ actresses in their 30s encounter distinct challenges. Kajal recently took on the romantic lead opposite Balakrishna in ‘Bhagvanath Kesari,’ Tamannaah shared the screen as Chiranjeevi’s love interest in ‘Bholaa Shankar,’ and Samantha showcased versatility in women-centric projects like ‘Oh Baby’ and ‘Yashoda.’ However, there’s a narrative suggesting that new-age stars may face hesitancy from younger co-stars due to their advancing age.

Producer Vishnu Induri dismisses age as a limiting factor for talented actresses emphasizing that these divas are eager to explore diverse roles alongside their commitments to commercial cinema. Induri believes that glamorous divas will continue to play a significant role in major entertainment ventures. According to him, “A few of them will dominate the industry for several more years, given their enduring charm and popularity.”

Anushka Shetty, at 39, recently returned with the romantic entertainer ‘Miss Shetty Mister Polishetty’ to avoid being typecast solely in lady-oriented films. Director Hemanth Madhukar emphasizes that actresses like Anushka have successfully navigated both star-studded movies like ‘Bahubali’ and women-oriented films like ‘Rudramadevi.’ He encourages talented divas to balance star-driven and women-centric projects to prolong their careers and cater to their diverse fan base.

Acknowledging the reluctance of young heroes to share the screen with senior heroines, actresses like Priyamani, Anjali, Trisha, and now Tamannaah are exploring the digital space. Vishnu underscores the equality between digital platforms and the big screen in terms of content and reach emphasizing that OTTs offer independent opportunities for actresses to enhance their brand equity and fan base.

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