Speculations On krish-Anushka Shetty Film Title

February 16, 2024

Speculations On krish-Anushka Shetty Film Title

Director Krish has quietly initiated the work for his new film starring the renowned actress Anushka Shetty under the banner of UV Creations. This project signals a notable shift towards a narrative centered around a female protagonist.

Recent insights from insiders reveal that the film has been titled ‘Seelavathi’ hinting at a storyline brimming with emotional depth and drama. Adding to the intrigue Tamil actor Vikram Prabhu has been enlisted to portray a pivotal character. Furthermore, Preparations are in progress for the second schedule with a special set currently under construction of RFC in Hyderabad. Despite being recognized as one of Telugu cinema’s esteemed directors, Krish has encountered delays with “Hari Hara Veera Mallu,” attributed to Pawan Kalyan’s political commitments.

In the meantime, Krish has seized the opportunity to forge ahead with the Anushka Shetty project. Upon the completion of filming, he intends to resume work on Pawan’s film, a plan contingent upon the conclusion of the Andhra Pradesh elections.

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