Will Tillu Square Elevate Siddu’s Market

February 20, 2024

Will Tillu Square Elevate Siddu’s Market

Siddu Jonnalagadda is an artist who has been active in the film industry for fifteen years. He has mostly worked on lesser-known films as an actor, screenwriter, and editor. Despite being involved in projects like Praveen Satturu‘s Guntur Talkies (2016), he has not yet achieved the breakthrough he desired.

However, his 2022 crime comedy film, DJ Tillu, which he co-wrote and starred in proved to be a game changer. It not only garnered commercial success but also marked a significant turning point in his career. The film’s triumph laid the groundwork for its sequel, ‘Tillu Square’ where he reprises his role. Despite facing production delays and revised release dates, the film has generated substantial anticipation among audiences.

The recently unveiled theatrical trailer received an overwhelmingly positive response, further intensifying the buzz surrounding the film. The production team has been approached with lucrative proposals from both distributors and digital streaming platforms. While the exact figures remain undisclosed, Netflix has secured the streaming rights for a substantial sum, underscoring the film’s potential.

In terms of theatrical distributions, Tillu Square is poised to surpass the 35 Crores INR mark in worldwide earnings, a remarkable achievement given its budget constraints. The film presents a monumental opportunity for Siddu Jonnalagadda, fondly referred to as ‘Starboy,’ to solidify his position as the next big sensation in the Telugu film industry.

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