Will Salaar Break Book My Shows 100K Record ?

December 22, 2023

Will Salaar Break Book My Shows 100K Record ?

Salaar Break Book My Show: The online cinema ticketing platform, Book My Show, recently unveiled a new feature allowing users to track the number of tickets sold for a film in the last hour. Since the release of this feature no film has managed to surpass the 100K bookings per hour milestone nationwide.

However, Salaar appears to break this record and the credit may be attributed to a significant development with PVR. Following a disagreement with PVR over screen sharing in the north, Salaar has successfully resolved the issues one day before its release. The bookings for Salaar in PVR properties will be commencing in Hyderabad any minute now.

Once all the PVR screens open in Hyderabad, there will certainly be a mad rush for the tickets, especially with the pairing of bookings with INOX, which has recently opened its bookings. This combination raises the possibility of Salaar reaching the coveted 100K bookings per hour mark in India.

At the moment, Salaar has already reached an impressive 25K tickets per hour, and this number is expected to escalate once PVR opens its bookings. The question remains whether this surge will be sufficient for Salaar to cross 100K milestone.

Reports indicate that Salaar has already sold 30 lakh tickets in single screens across India. The focus is now on the substantial surge expected when PVR theaters open their bookings and industry enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome.

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