Massive Swimming Pool Set For Salaar 2

April 8, 2024

Massive Swimming Pool Set For Salaar 2

With the resounding success of ‘Salaar’, featuring the acclaimed Pan India Star Prabhas under the direction of Prashant Neet, all attention is now fixated on his eagerly awaited second part titled ‘Salaar 2’. Prashant is sparing no effort to ensure that ‘Salaar 2’ surpasses its predecessor with a keen focus on elevating its production values and action sequences.

Filming for Salaar 2 has already started with the construction of a massive swimming pool set underway to enhance the action sequences. This set will boast artificial waves lending a strikingly realistic ambiance reminiscent of the sea. Prashant Neel’s team is diligently preparing to ensure that these action-packed moments leave audiences mesmerized.

Moreover, the title ‘Shauryanga Parvam’ has been confirmed for ‘Salaar 2,’ alluding to the epic scale and grandeur of the film. Producer Vijay Kiragandur has disclosed that filming for ‘Salaar 2’ will commence in April, with a slated release for 2025. He has also hinted that ‘Salaar 2’ will rival the epic storytelling of ‘Game of Thrones,’ further heightening anticipation for this long-awaited sequel.

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