Naveen Chandra Talks About Prabhas

April 10, 2024

Naveen Chandra Talks About Prabhas

Prabhas a towering figure in Pan India cinema shines brightly among the cherished heroes of Telugu cinema commanding an immense fan base. His ascent to stardom originated in the Telugu states where each successful film propelled his popularity to new heights.

Recently, emerging talent Naveen Chandra expressed his astonishment at witnessing Prabha’s unparalleled fervor during the release of the movie ‘Varsham‘, a breakthrough moment in Prabhas illustrious career. Naveen Chandra recognized for his role in the series ‘Inspector Rishi’, shared this revelation during the promotional interview.

In response, Prabhas recounted a poignant memory from his journey. He reminisced about the electrifying atmosphere at the 50-day celebration of ‘Varsham’ in Bhimavaram, where he was scheduled to perform a song. Despite his relatively modest portfolio at the time, the turnout was staggering with an estimated 5 to 6 lakh fans in attendance. This overwhelming response left an indelible mark on Prabhas underscoring the magnitude of his popularity even in the nascent stages of his career. Prabhas’ reflection on this remarkable event has since captured the imagination of his admirers, resonating deeply and reaffirming the enduring legacy of his stardom.

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