Will Hanu Man Beat Pushpa And Kantara In Bollywood ?

January 24, 2024

Will Hanu Man Beat Pushpa And Kantara In Bollywood ?

‘Hanu Man’, the latest Indian superhero film, has achieved global success by breaking box office records but faces challenges in the Hindi markets. Despite opening with a respectable 2Cr+ Net, the film short of the massive pre-release expectations in the Northern region.

The initial anticipation was for an impressive 100Cr+ Net, aiming to surpass hits like ‘Pushpa’ and ‘Baahubali Part 1’. Currently standing at 36Cr Net in Hindi, ‘Hanu Man’ is struggling to make substantial leaps required to reach the coveted 100Cr milestone. ‘Kantara’ has closed at 85Cr Net, and ‘Pushpa’ is nearing 110Cr Net making the climb even steeper.

Adding to the complexity, Hrithik Roshan‘s fighter is set to hit the screen this weekend posing an additional challenge. The industry anticipates Hanu Man closing in the 55-65Cr range, falling short of Kantara and Pushpa. The fate of Hanu Man’s Hindi version depends on its long-term performance and the impact of Fighter’s word of mouth.

As the film strives to establish a lasting presence, the industry awaits whether it will settle within the projected range or, through an extended run, surpass contenders like Kantara and Pushpa. The unfolding weeks will reveal the final chapter of Hanu Man’s journey in the competitive Hindi markets.

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