Director Kishna Vamsi Comments On Hanuman

February 12, 2024

Director Kishna Vamsi Comments On Hanuman

Tej Sajja and director Prasanth Varma’s latest sensation is ‘Hanu-Man’. This is the first blockbuster from Tollywood this year, entertained audiences worldwide and recently completed 30 days.

Recently, a netizen expressed a his feeling while comparing 2004 released Sri Anjaneyam film with hanuman. He said Sri Anjaneyam is better output than human. However, the creative director krishna Vamsi who is behind Sri Anjaneyam, responded. He commented that “Audiences are never wrong… If they didn’t like it, there may have been a mistake or problem with reachability… so don’t blame the audience, sir… maybe I was wrong at some portions… THQ, God bless.”

His genuine comments received praise from all the corners.

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