TJ Gnanavel Eyeing For Nani

May 3, 2024

TJ Gnanavel Eyeing For Nani

Nani’s popularity in the Telugu film industry is no surprise. Following the triumph of ‘Tuck Jagadish’ during Dussehra, he continues to deliver consistent box office hits. Anticipation for his next venture, ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram’ is already high with Nani greenlighting multiple other projects.

Directors like OG Sujith, Venu Oodugula, and Srikanth Odela, all esteemed in the industry have garnered Nani’s approval. Despite his hectic schedule, Nani is sought after by a Tamil director for a potential collaboration. One such director is TJ Gnanavel acclaimed for his work for his critically acclaimed film ‘Jai Bheem’, lauded even at the Oscar level. Gnanavel proposed a role for Nani in his upcoming project ‘Vettayan’ alongside Rajinikanth but Nani politely declined. Yet, impressed by Gnanavel’s perseverance and compelling storyline Nani expressed interest in future collaborations.

Conversations also took place between Nani and director Siva Karthikeyan renowned for ‘Don’, regarding a project in Hyderabad. Despite initial script concerns Nani leans towards Gananavel due to his successful track record and impactful storytelling. As ‘Saripoda Sanivaram’ approaches its late August release Nani meticulously selects his projects confident in his choices. Despite his busy schedule, he remains dedicated to delivering quality cinema earning renown for his discerning approach to script selection.

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