Siddharth’s Chinna Movie Streaming Now On OTT Debut

November 28, 2023

Siddharth’s Chinna Movie Streaming Now On OTT Debut

It’s great to hear that Siddharth is making waves with his latest film, “Chittha” (also known as “Chinna” in Telugu) directed by SU Arun Kumar, and that it’s available on Disney Plus Hotstar for audiences to enjoy in multiple Indian languages, including Telugu. The fact that Siddharth is not only starring in the film but also taking on the role of a producer shows his multifaceted involvement in the project.

The inclusion of talented actors like Sahasra Sree, Nimisha Vijayan, and Anjali Nair, along with a musical score by Dhibu Ninan Thomas, adds depth and quality to the film. With the convenience of digital streaming platforms, more people can access and enjoy the movie, even if they missed its theatrical release.

It seems like “Chittha(Chinna)” has a lot to offer, combining emotions with the thrill of the storyline. Fans of Siddharth and enthusiasts of Indian cinema are likely to appreciate the opportunity to experience the film in various languages.

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