Chinna Movie Review, Rating

October 5, 2023



  • Cast : Siddharth, Nimisha Sajayan, Anjali Nair and Sahasra Shree
  • Director : S. U. Arun Kumar
  • Producer :
  • Banner : E Talky Entertainments
  • Music :

2.75 / 5

Bommarillu actor Siddhartha has donned the hat of a producer for the movie Chinna. He plays the male lead in Chinna along with backing the film. Chinna is directed by Tamil director SU Arun Kumar.

Plot: Siddhartha (as Eshwar) works in a municipal office. His brother dies in a road accident. He takes responsibility for his brother’s daughter Sundari. Eshwar and Sundari are fond of each other. Eshwar is suspected of having sexually abused a kid in the neighbourhood. Eshwar gets depressed. Meanwhile, Sundari goes missing. This is when the drama thickens.

Performances: Siddhartha does a commendable job in the titular role. He nails it in the emotional scenes with great ease. He is always there to keep everyone hooked to the screen.

The rest of the artists have done their best. The child artist who played Sundari makes us pity her state. The antagonist has been cast in a very realistic way.

Analysis: Chinna doesn’t look like a dubbed version movie. A lot of care has been taken to ensure that the vibe is real. By raising the issue of sexual abuse, abduction and human trafficking in a novel and emotional way, this film serves its purpose. The Tamil original, which was released on September 28, has been a hit.

Periodically, the film gives emotional highs in a very comprehensive manner. The whole idea of portraying family emotions hasn’t been seen through a melodramatic lens. The male lead and his colleagues, his girlfriend, and others who inhabit his inner circle feel like real people.

Although the way the culprit is caught is simplistic, it can be overlooked. This is not a thriller, but a crime drama.

Verdict: Chinna has to be watched for the issues that it rises. Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed