Sanjay Dutt Doing A Special Role In Nithiin Robinhood ?

February 12, 2024

Sanjay Dutt Doing A Special Role In Nithiin Robinhood ?

Renowned director Venky Kudumula for his blockbuster hits such as ‘Chalo’ and ‘Bheeshma’, is teaming up once more with actor Nithiin for their latest project, ‘Robinhood’. Rumors suggest that Bollywood luminary Sanjay Dutt is poised to grace the screen with a special role in the film, a strategic move aimed at captivating the Pan-India audience. Anticipation mounts as rumors from various industries hint at ‘Robinhood’ surpassing the entertainment quotient of its predecessors.

Adding to the intrigue, the romantic narrative between the lead promises a captivating rollercoaster of emotions and amusement. With backing from Mythri Movie Makers and a stellar ensemble cast, the production values of this venture are set to elevate the cinematic experience to new heights.

Following the phenomenal success of ‘Bheeshma’, audiences eagerly anticipate the magic that Venky Kudumula and Nithiin’s collaboration will once again bring to the screen. As excitement mounts, the industry buzzes with speculation about the potential achievements of this dynamic duo with ‘Robinhood’.

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