Ramcharan RC16 Shooting Is All Set To Begin

February 13, 2024

Ramcharan RC16 Shooting Is All Set To Begin

After much anticipation, the reigning star Ram Charan is gearing up to kickstart the shooting of his next project with director Buchi Babu Sana, reportedly slated to begin in May of this year. Insider reports suggest that Charan will immerse himself in this sports-centric drama, allocating significant time to the project. With director Shankar expected to wrap up his commitments for ‘Game Changer’ by March’s end, Charan will seamlessly transition into his next venture.

Director Buchi Babu Sana, who has eagerly awaited Charan’s availability has already meticulously crafted the script and completed pre-production tasks for this highly anticipated film. Casting decisions are also nearing finalization, with Jhanvi Kapoor emerging as a prime candidate to portray the leading lady opposite Ram Charan.

Despite logistical Challenges, Buchi Babu remains steadfast and prepared to commence filming promptly. Moreover, the project has received a musical boost with acclaimed maestro AR Rahman already contributing several tracks. Produced by Mythri Movie Makers, this grand-scale extravaganza promises to enthrall audiences with its blend of high-energy drama and poignant storytelling.

Following the conclusion of Game Changer, the production’s focus will seamlessly shift to Buchi Babu’s film is set to begin in May without delay. A source notes, ‘Ram Charan has expressed a clear commitment to proceed with his next project, even engaging in discussions with Shankar to ensure a smooth transition,’ hinting at an exciting chapter ahead for the star and his fans.

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