Salaar Box Office: Faces Set Backs Due To Producers Decision

December 22, 2023

Salaar Box Office: Faces Set Backs Due To Producers Decision

Salaar Box Office: The release of Salaar in Andhra Pradesh faced setbacks due to decisions made by its producers. Typically, a major film like Salaar aims to have a grand opening with multiple screenings and significant revenue. However, the decision to opt for close acquaintances instead of established distributors for the film’s distribution has impacted its release strategy.

In regions like Guntur and Krishna, the film was sold to KSN Telefilms, a non-traditional distributor, which has affected the scheduling of early showings and the hiring of theaters. Similarly, in the Western region, the film’s release through Geetha was advanced, resulting in insufficient attention to finalizing deals and leading to challenges in theater bookings.

Had Salaar been sold to well-known distributors with standard terms such as Non-Refundable Advances (NRA) or Minimum Guarantees (MG), it might have witnessed substantial record-breaking openings. However, due to these distribution decisions, the movie’s potential for extraordinary success appears to be limited. Some screenings are scheduled to begin as late as 8 AM impacting the overall opening experience for viewers.

Furthermore, the producers faced challenges in negotiating a favorable increase in ticket prices with the Andhra Pradesh government. While recent films received a higher hike (such as Adipurush, which received a ₹50 hike), Salaar was granted only a ₹40 increase. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, Salaar has been delivering exceptional performance in areas like Nizam, Kerala and overseas.

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