Eagle Maker Issues A Letter Over Release Date Promise

January 19, 2024

Eagle Maker Issues A Letter Over Release Date Promise

People Media Factory stands out as a distinguished production house in Telugu cinema, and their much anticipated project, ‘Eagle’ featuring Ravi Teja was initially scheduled for a grand release during Sankranthi this year. However, upon a request from the Film Chamber of Commerce to ensure a solo release on February 9th, the PMF graciously agreed to postpone the film.

Unfortunately, the current scenario poses a challenge, as numerous films were competing for audience attention on the same day, leaving the producers of Eagle in an uncertain position. In response to the predicament, the team has taken proactive steps, seeking the intervention of the chamber to keep their promise of solo release.

In a formal letter addressed to the President and Secretary of the Film Chamber, the producers conveyed their concerns stating: “I trust this letter finds you well. I am writing to formally address a matter of significance concerning the release of the movie ‘Eagle,’ initially scheduled for the 13th of January 2024 in theaters. The chamber conveyed in a meeting and asked us to have one of the producers postpone the movie. Honoring the chamber’s decision, we postponed the movie’s release date, taking the assurance from the chamber that we would get a solo date. As the chamber acknowledged in the press meet held by the chamber. Unfortunately, we have been seeing more releases every day, and we request you to take this matter up and give us a solo release.”

‘Eagle’, featuring Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja in the lead role and Directed by Karthik Ghattameneni, seeks the chamber’s support to ensure a smooth and promised solo release. This appeal considers the evolving dynamics in the release calendar, with other films like Yatra 2, Ooru Peru Bhairava Kona (scheduled for a February 8th release), and Lal Salaam featuring Rajinikanth (scheduled for a February 9th release).

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