Sundaram Master Movie Review: A Laughing Riot In Theatres

February 23, 2024

Sundaram Master

Sundaram Master

  • Cast : Harsha Chemudu, Divya Sripada, Harsha Vardhan, Bhadram
  • Director : Kalyan Santhosh
  • Producer : Ravi Teja, Sudheer Kumar Kurra
  • Banner : RT Team Works
  • Music : Sricharan Pakala

2.75 / 5

Sundaram Master is a comedy-drama film starring Harsha Chemudu, written and directed by Kalyan Santhosh. The movie was co-funded by Ravi Teja’s banner and released worldwide with a low-key buzz on February 23 with a runtime of 2 hours.

Story:  The film ‘Sundaram Master’ follows the story of a teacher named Sundaram Master, who faces various challenges in a rural village. Circumstances force him to become an English teacher in the remote village called Miryala Metta, where people of all ages enroll to learn the language. Throughout the movie, we witness Sundaram Master’s efforts to teach his students and impart a love for learning to them. As he interacts with the villagers and sees the transformative impact of education, he embarks on a personal journey of growth and self-discovery. Overall, the film revolves around the struggles and triumphs of Sundaram Master in his quest to educate the people of his village.

Technical Analysis:

Director Kalyan Santosh has crafted ‘Sundaram Master’ with meticulous attention to detail, camera work by Deepak Yaragera is praiseworthy. Harsha’s portrayal of Sundaram Master is commendable capturing the essence of the character with sincerity and depth.

Plus Points:

  • Sundaram Master’s role is very relatable
  • Harsha’s performance in this film is memorable
  • The movie beautifully showcases a man’s journey to maturity
  • They are a blend of comedy and emotion which the audience always appreciate.

Minus Points:

  • Some scenes could be better
  • Parts of the movie are slow pace which makes the audience bored
  • Some scenes could have been refined for greater impact


Overall the entire team has put in a lot of effort, shooting in natural locations. Every character is significant and we hope the audience will watch and appreciate their work. The movie promises a fun theatre experience and is thought-provoking by blending comedy with powerful drama.

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