Ravi Teja Team Up With Bhanu Bhogavarapu

April 5, 2024

Ravi Teja Team Up With Bhanu Bhogavarapu

Reviteja who is renowned for his unforgettable comedic performances in blockbuster hits like ‘Venky’, ‘Kick’ and ‘Dubai Seenu’, has recently explored more serious themes in films such as ‘Ramarao On Duty’, ‘Ravanasura’, ‘Tiger Nageswara Rao’, and ‘Eagle’. However, these ventures into serious cinema haven’t quite resonated with audiences as his earlier comedic endeavors did.

Recognizing the need for a shift, Raviteja is reportedly eager to return to his comedic strengths and entertain his loyal fan base by actively seeking scripts that are aligned with his comedic flair he aims to recapture the magic of his earlier comedic ventures. Bhanu Bhogavarapu the acclaimed writer behind the successful comedu film ‘Samajavaragamana’ has caught Raviteja’s attention. Bhanu recently pitched a story to the actor leaving him impressed and potentially setting the stage for a promising collaboration.

Sources suggest Raviteja is contemplating launching Bhanu as a director with their upcoming project. while the actor has collaborated with debut directors before success has been elusive. However, hopes are high for a successful outcome given the comedic nature of the film. Fans of Raviteja’s comedic brilliance eagerly anticipate his potential return in this genre. With Bhanu’s comedic writing expertise and Raviteja’s impeccable comic timing, this collaboration holds the promise of a delightful resurgence for the beloved actor.

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