Meet The Two Highest Tax-Paying Celebrities In India

July 19, 2023

Meet The Two Highest Tax-Paying Celebrities In India

The craze of Indian cinemas has crossed the boundaries of our nation with their magnum opus films, and a few of the Bollywood celebs have earned international stardom by making Hollywood films. Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are the celebs who top the list.

After garnering immense stardom across the nation and globe, celebrities started demanding high remuneration for films and endorsements. Bollywood stars have bagged huge profits out of their films and businesses, their net worth is nowhere lesser than a successful businessman’s earnings. Some of the stars genuinely pay taxes to the government.

Here are the top 2 highest tax-paying Indian celebrities

Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar and dazzling beauty Deepika Padukone are the highest tax-paying stars in India, as per the reports Akshay Kumar pays 25crs Tax to the government every year and Project K actress Deepika is paying 10crs Tax.

It is being heard that the net worth of Akshay Kumar is estimated to be 1200crs whereas Deepika’s net worth is around 500crs.

On the Career front, Deepika Padukone will be next seen in Prabhas’ Project K, and Akshay Kumar in his satirical comedy-drama OMG 2.

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