Yash’s Fans Upset With Allu Aravind Comments

November 10, 2023

Yash’s Fans Upset With Allu Aravind Comments

Allu Aravind recently stated that his company, Geetha Arts, is now focusing on making small films due to financial issues.

When questioned if star heroes raise their compensation after success, affecting the movie budget, Allu Aravind responded that the lead actor of a film receives just 20 to 25 percent of the budget, so it’s not simply the hero’s salary that increases the expenditure.

He went on to say that a lot of money is spent to make the movie a big deal and that the heroes work in such films. He referred to Yash, who is recognized for the success of his KGF films, and stated that the picture performed well due to its high production value.

“Who was Yash before KGF?” he questioned. What made that movie so popular? It was the film’s quality. It’s the making that attracts the audience.”

His remarks upset Yash’s fans

One online user mentioned, “Allu Aravind should know that Yash isn’t like nepo-kid Allu Arjun, who comes from a film family.”

“KGF is a bigger hit than Pushpa. But look at Allu Arjun’s body language. He is arrogant and never shows humility. But Yash is humble and not on a signing spree to capitalize on his success. But Arjun raised the budget of Pushpa-2. The film Pushpa didn’t break even in some centers in the Telugu version. It’s a hit because it worked in the Hindi belt,” mentioned another netizen.

One person wrote, “KGF is successful because of Yash. It wouldn’t be the same without him. What’s his problem?”

The highlight comment that caught the attention of many was: “Allu Sirish has been asking Aravind to make a big-budget film with him. If Aravind felt that big-budget films would work but not because of stars, he would have made a film with Sirish and given him a hit. Yes, Sirish is a nobody today, but he may become like the Kannada hero Rishab Shetty if given a chance. Why didn’t Aravind do it?”

In continuation, the same netizen mentioned: “Aravind always cashed in by making a film under his own banner and selling it at high prices, following Chiranjeevi’s superhit. But if the film failed, he would have given the opportunity for the next film to other producers who are not from his family. He still has the same mindset. Other producers should invest heavily in his son, but he wouldn’t.”

Overall, the entire social media, especially Yash fans, especially Yash fans, are attacking Allu Arvind for his unpleasant comments.

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