Samantha Postpones Her Ongoing Projects

April 3, 2024

Samantha Postpones Her Ongoing Projects

As stated by a reliable source Samantha Ruth Prabhu has been grappling with health issues recently. It’s reported that she encounters fainting episodes after standing for just 10 minutes, opting for her to choose an extended period for recovery. Samantha’s primary focus now is on her health and she plans to resume acting only after achieving complete recovery.

Understanding the paramount importance of her well-being over her career, Samantha is dedicated to her treatment regimen and has been hitting the gym to rebuild her strength and bone density. The insider shed light on the demanding nature of Telugu film shoots, which often entail rigorous schedules spanning 10 to 12 consecutive days and compressing 50 days’ worth of work into a few months. Given her health challenges, Samantha has been cautious about committing to Telugu projects.

The source also touched upon Samantha’s past experiences during the filming and promotion of the movie ‘Kushi‘ which presented significant challenges for both her and the production team. Samantha personally expressed regret to the producers for any complications encountered during the shoot. She is resolute in avoiding similar situations in the future and is determined to return to acting only when she’s in peak physical condition, despite being enticed by tempting offers. In essence, Samantha is taking a hiatus from acting to prioritize her health and overall well-being, aiming to re-enter the industry only when fully prepared and fit.

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