Vishwak Sen Gaami OTT Release Date Is Here

April 3, 2024

Vishwak Sen Gaami OTT Release Date Is Here

Vishwak Sen known for his ventures into diverse genres in pursuit of establishing his unique identity presents his latest offering, ‘Gaami’ a distinctive film that hit theaters on March 8th. Starring Chadini Chowdary alongside ‘Gaami’ has garnered praise for its adventurous narrative and innovative screenplay. The film achieved commendable success at the box office yielding substantial profits for its distributors.

Now, ‘Gaami’ is poised to embark on its journey to OTT platforms. With its unconventional storyline, the film has captivated audiences’ hearts thanks to its meticulous craftmanship, immersive visuals, and remarkably realistic VFX. The culmination of more than five years of dedication and effort has paid off handsomely.

Directed by Vidyadhar Kagita in his directorial debut, ‘Gaami’ saw a multi-lingual release, supported by extensive promotional campaigns. Latest reports reveal that the film will soon be available for streaming on the ZEE5 platform from April 12, 2024 as officially announced by ZEE5. Featuring a talented cast including Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad, Harika Pedada, Shanti Rao, Mayank Parak, and others, ‘Gaami’ has received backing from Karthik Sabareesh and crowd-funders, with UV Creations presenting it. The captivating musical score by Naresh Kumaran further enriches the cinematic experience.

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