Sam Bahadur vs Animal: an Interesting Box Office clash

November 27, 2023

Sam Bahadur vs Animal: an Interesting Box Office clash

Coming in the 1st December, two major films which carry massive positive buzz about themselves will be clashing, one is Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal and another is Vicky Kaushal’s Sam Bahadur. While one is based on a fictional tale between a father and son, the other is recreating chapters from the history books from the life of India’s first Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw.

However, when it comes to the advance booking of the films, one film is leading from the front and is ahead of the second films by leaps and bounds. as per the current numbers coming in, Rabnir Kapoor’s Animal post the trailer launch, has unleashed a certain craze for its tickets and they are being sold like hot cakes and in just little more than a day the film has sold more 2 lakhs tickets. It’s current standing right now is 2,09,986 across Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, amounting to a advance box office collection of Rs 6.5 crore as per Sacnilk. Sam Bahadur has sold about 18861 tickets having a box office collection of Rs 64 lakhs. It would be interesting to see how the trade picks up till the day of the release, but at this point Animal is leading the charge.

Talking about the clash, Vicky Kaushal had addressed the topic at the teaser launch of Sam Bahadur, he said , “In today’s time, we, as an industry, should give the option of multiple films on the same day to the audience. That’s how we will flourish as an industry. We have those many weeks in a year, but as an industry, we cannot limit ourselves to making those many films in a year. We will have to make multiple films and we will have multiple releases on the same day.”

“We have to build an atmosphere where multiple films can work on the same day. We have the strength in the audience, we have the strength at the exhibitor level, so, why not? I think we kind of also need to push the envelope now. Given today’s scenario now, the excitement that the audiences have, I think, if they resonate with two films and both films are good, both can work. So, I am as excited for Animal as anybody else. As long as it is a great day for the audience. We work for them, not for each other,” he added.

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