Thursday, December 1, 2022
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RGV Complains About Music Time To KTR


Controversial director RGV surely knows how to be in the news. Currently, RGV is planning to do make a biopic of KCR. Now, we are seeing that he is lashing at Telangana IT minister KTR for restricting the music timings.

RGV complained on Twitter about music timings which goes Sir, #KCR
@KTRTRS and @CPHydCity when we are all living in the same country called India ,why are only Hyderabadis being subjected to Taliban rule sir ? How come the NO music time is 1 AM everywhere else in the country and 10 pm in Hyderabad sir ? #HyderabadTaliban. Take a look at the tweet:

Let’s wait and see how KTR is going to react to RGV’s complaint.


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