Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Advance Premiers On February 14th

February 10, 2024

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Advance Premiers On February 14th

The mystical fantasy adventure film ‘Ooru Peru Bhairavakona’ starring Sundeep Kishan and directed by VI Anand is generating significant buzz among audiences. The captivating songs and intriguing trailer have piqued curiosity, setting high expectations for the film’s release. Produced on a grand scale by Razesh Danda under the Hasya Movies banner, with Anil Sunkara proudly presenting it under AK Entertainments, promising a visual spectacle.

Originally slated for release on February 9th, the film’s premiere date was rescheduled to February 16th, 2024, in deference to the decision of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, ensuring a solo release for ‘Eagle’. However, the makers have opted for advanced premiers, showcasing their confidence in the film’s content. Premiers are scheduled for Valentine’s Day, February 14th, at selected locations, adding to the anticipation surrounding the movie.

With chartbuster songs like “Nijame Ne Chebuthunna” and “Humma Humma,” the film has garnered considerable attention, further elevating the excitement among audiences. Starring Kavya Thapar and Varsha Bollamma as the leading ladies, the film boasts Raj Thota as the cinematographer, Chota K Prasad as the editor, and A Ramanjaneyulu as the art director. Dialogues penned by Bhanu Bhogavarapu and Nandu Savirigana add depth to the narrative, promising an immersive cinematic experience.

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