Mythri Movies Sidelines Ravi Teja’s 120 Cr Project

November 22, 2023

Mythri Movies Sidelines Ravi Teja’s 120 Cr Project

Mythri Movies Sidelines Ravi Teja: The market of Tollywood movies is undergoing severe fluctuations. Costs have been increased by relying on non-theatrical income. Heroes have been increasing their remunerations immensely. Heroes who used to charge eight to ten crores are now demanding 25 crores for each project. With this, the cost of making a high budget movie is about 100 crores. Not being able to speak up, the producers are waking up now and some projects including big heroes are being sidelined.

Mythri Movie Makers has begun work on a movie with director Gopichand Malineni starring Ravi Teja, and there is word that the film has been sidelined. Calculations for a film project reveal that the budget will exceed 120 crores. In it, the hero gets paid roughly 25 crores. However, if we look at the market, we can see that it is tough to reach 100 crores. Everything appears to have been addressed among the producers, and the project was placed on hold.

Overall, Mythri Movie Makers is trying to capitalize on Gopichand Malineni’s dates for a different hero. In reality, this is only the beginning. If the stars do not cut their remuneration, it will be difficult for producers to come forward with new projects in the face of declining non-theatrical income. No producer who made a film with Ravi Teja has seen profits since Dhamaka. Prior to release, the appearance of table profit, the film’s flop, the return of GSTs, and the back-building have all resulted in losses for the producers. However, none of the producers speak up.

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