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Lobo’s Remuneration For Biggboss Telugu 5 Shocks Everyone.

Biggboss Telugu 5 is one of the most controversial Telugu reality show in the showbiz. The show has successfully entered into 9th week, with the each passing day the show is vesting much love from audience.

Sadly Anchor Lobo was eliminated from the house last week. Lobo is the 8th contestant to get eliminated from the house. Though he was sent into secret Lobo failed to use the opportunity to grab the attention of people.

Lobo is still in profit zone, as he bags huge remuneration from the show for 8 weeks. Lobo’s remuneration for the show for 8 weeks is set to be 20 lakhs. His earnings per day is around 35k. Lobo is one of the highest paid contestant in the house after Shanmukh, Anchor Ravi, Priya and Sree Ram Chandra.

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