Karan Johar Makes Shocking Comments On KGF 2

June 19, 2022

Karan Johar Makes Shocking Comments On KGF 2

Rocking star Yash’s KGF 2 is doing a tremendously business at the box office, the film has broke all the existing records in south, and stands as a second highest grossed film after Bahubali.  KGF 2 has managed to collect 1250 crs at the box office.

These Tollywood is taking upper hand on Bollywood with back to back Pan Indian films like Pushpa, Akanda, Beast and KGF2. Where as Bollywood is suffering for a single hit at the box office.

In the recent interview Karan Johar made some controversial comments about Yash Kgf series. The top producer stated that ” when I read the reviews of kgf 2 I’m like if we made this we would have been lyached. But here, everybody is like “oh it was a celebration, a party and it was.  It would have been different if Bollywood has made KGF2 series.

These commented from Karan has irked Bollywood once again, netizens are trolling Karan Johar for his controversial comments