Did Prashanth Neel Insult Yash and Prabhas?

December 19, 2023

Did Prashanth Neel Insult Yash and Prabhas?

Prashanth Neel: social media often becomes a breeding ground for misinformation where videos are manipulated to propogate negativity against celebrities. In a recent video interview with a prominent film journalist Prashanth Neel found himself in the middle of controversy when asked about the possibility of creating a significant film with talented actors who haven’t yet acheived star status.

Prashanth Neel promptly cited examples like KGF and Baahubali, emphasizing that successful movies can indeed be crafted with actors who are not established stars. However, a misleading snippet from the interview surfaced on social media, edited to falsely imply that Prashanth Neel insulted Yash and Prabhas by categorizing them as non-stars.

In reality, Neel immediately clarified that Yash and Prabhas were highly regarded stars in their respective Kannada and Telugu industries, even though they were not widely known throughout India at the time. Unfortunately, this crucial clarification was removed in the edited video, leading to baseless allegations and unjust spread of negativity.

It is imperative for fans and movie enthusiasts to exercise caution, avoiding the belief in misleading videos or memes without comprehending the complete context of the statements made.

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