Kamal Hassan To Play As Villan In Jr Ntr’s 31st Movie?

November 9, 2023

Kamal Hassan To Play As Villan In Jr Ntr’s 31st Movie?

On November 7, the iconic actor Kamal Hassan expressed his thanks to the reigning star Jr Ntr for sending birthday greetings. He went on to applaud Jr Ntr’s work, adding ‘love your work’ in a heartfelt tweet. Jr Ntr responded by expressing his appreciation for Kamal and expressing his desire that Kamal would continue to share his wisdom with many performers, including himself, for many years to come.

This amicable discussion between the two performers has prompted new rumors of a possible cooperation on a large-scale project. A source even claims that Kamal Hassan would portray as villain in Jr Ntr’s 31st film, directed by Prashanth Neel, implying that this partnership will take place sooner rather than later.

After Kamal Haasan’s recent portrayal of a negative character in ‘Project K’ alongside Prabhas, there is a growing interest in seeing him take on more similar roles in major movies. Kamal’s charm and talent in these roles have earned him high fees ranging from Rs 80 to 100 crore every film, making him willing to share the screen with Jr Ntr, whom he deeply admires.

Kamal Haasan is also returning to the Telugu audience with the dubbed film ‘Bharateeyudu 2’, which is generating a lot of buzz, especially given the success of ‘Bharateeyudu 1’ at the box office.

Kamal’s comeback with the commercial film ‘Vikram’ has been impressive, and his action-oriented films are expected to receive significant attention in Telugu states, and it’s clear that he will continue to grace the Telugu film industry with more remarkable performances.

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