Is Pawan Kalyan Taking Divorce For The Third Time?

July 4, 2023

Is Pawan Kalyan Taking Divorce For The Third Time?

Actor and Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan is a very promising individual when it comes to work, PK always gives his best in both his film and political career. But he is always being in target by the political parties for his personal life. (Three Marriages)

Whenever Pawan Kalyan’s topic arises in political meetings, they drag his personal life into politics. Now PK is once again hitting the headlines for his personal life issues.

It is rumored that Pawan Kalyan’s third wife ” Anna Lezhnova” is staying away from him for a while. “Going into detail earlier “Anna” used to attend the functions of the Mega family, but shockingly she was seen missing at Varun Tej‘s engagement and the Yagam performed by Pawan Kalyan for Vaarahi recently.

Her absence is raising several doubts among filmy buffs, usually, Yagam’s will be performed by both Husband and wife, but Anna wasn’t spotted at the pooja ceremony. A few websites have written that ” Anna has left the country along with her children”.

We can’t come to a conclusion until there is an official announcement from the duo, this news could be false news being spread by the opposite political party.

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