Chaari 111 Movie Review: Only For Comedy

March 1, 2024

Chaari 111

Chaari 111

  • Cast : Vennela Kishore , Samyuktha Viswanathan, Murali Sharma, Taagubothu Ramesh, Satya
  • Director : TG Keerthi Kumar
  • Producer : Aditi Soni
  • Banner : Barkat Studios
  • Music : Simon K King

1.75 / 5

Comedian Vennela Kishore turned protagonist with the film Chaari 111. The film is an espionage action comedy directed by TG Keerthi Kumar. The movie hit screens today and let’s see how it went on theatres.


The movie ‘Chaari 111’ is about a secret organization formed by Major Prasad Rao (played by Murali Sharma) at the request of the Chief Minister(Subhaleka Sudhakar) of then Andhra Pradesh. This organization operates outside of the rule book and is tasked with facing any challenge that comes its way. When a bomb blast occurs in Hyderabad, Prasad Rao enlists the help of his secret agent chaari (Played by Vennela Kishore), to capture the terrorist responsible. The rest of the movie follows their efforts to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Plus Points:

  • Many viewers highlighted Vennela Kishore’s comedic timing and ability to portray the character’s transformation from a carefree bachelor to a responsible guardian.
  • Samyukta Vishwanathan did her part well and particularly, her action scenes are neatly choreographed.
  • Murali Sharma, Taagubothu Ramesh, and Satya are decent in their respective roles.
  • The first half of the movie provides good entertainment with its silly comedy, and the best part is that comedy works.
  • The film is fast-paced in the first hour and the music by Simon K King is catchy.

Minus Points:

  • Chaari 111 inconsistent approach is its major flaw.
  • Mediocre entertainment is offered when the movie starts losing its seriousness.
  • Seriousness in the second half leads to boredom for the audience.
  • The seriousness in the latter half feels inauthentic.
  • The flashback consumes a significant portion of the screen time and is overstretched.
  • Lack of engagement in the second half due to the absence of entertainment.
  • The sudden emphasis on the sacrifices of Indian soldiers feels disconnected from the narrative established in the first half.

Technical Aspects:

Simon K King’s peppy background score, along with the visuals by DOP Kashish Grover, work in favor of the movie. The art direction team did an impressive job in designing the ‘Rudranetra’ set, and the production values are also impressive. However, some scenes in the second half could have been edited out. Director TG Keerthi Kumar did an average job with the movie. Although the comedy scenes in the first half are enjoyable despite the lack of logic, the second half falls flat due to the dull flashback and impactless climax.


Overall, Chaari 111 is a film that offers some decent comedy in the first half, but unfortunately, it takes a serious turn in the second half which fails to impress the audience. The decision to switch to a different tone for the second half didn’t work well. While the silly comedy manages to entertain to some extent, the serious part of the movie doesn’t look authentic and ultimately brings down the overall impact. Vennela Kishore’s quirky comedy and mannerisms provide some relief, but the film as a whole, doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

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