Operation Valentine Review And Rating

February 29, 2024

Operation Valentine

Operation Valentine

  • Cast : Varun Tej, Manushi Chhillar, Navdeep, Ruhani Sharma and Mir Sarwar
  • Director : Shakti Pratap Singh Hada
  • Producer : Sony Pictures
  • Banner : Sony Pictures International Productions, Renaissance Pictures
  • Music : Mickey J. Meyer

2.5 / 5

Operation Valentine is one of the most anticipated films, directed by Shakti Pratap Singh Hada. Initially scheduled for release in theatres in December 2023, it was later postponed to February 16, 2024. However, due to delays in post-production work, the film had to be postponed once again. But the long wait to watch Operation Valentine on the big screen has finally come to an end. Let’s see how it went on the screen below.


Operation Valentine is based on the true story of India’s first airstrike. On February 14, 2019, 40 CRPF personnel were killed in a terrorist attack in Pulwama. India soon retaliated with an airstrike known as the Balakot airstrike. The movie focuses on the emotions of Air Force officers and how they deal with their day-to-day lives.

Plus Points:

  • Varun Tej’s performance is noteworthy as he justifies the role of Wing Commander.
  • Manushi Chhillar and Ruhani have done their jobs well
  • Emotional scenes in the movie capture the essence of the story well.
  • Mickey J. Meyer BGM keeps you on the edge of the seat.
  • Aerial combat scenes are the highlight of the movie.

Minus Points:

  • First Half is okay.
  • The chemistry between Varun and Manushi is okay with lags here and there, could be better.
  • There’s a missed opportunity with the Pulwama attack scenes as it lacks originality.

Technical Analysis:

After watching the film, you can clearly understand that a lot of research has been done as real-life incidents have been beautifully brought to life. Director Shakti Pratap Singh Hada has crafted ‘Operation Valentine’ with meticulous attention to detail. Camera work by Hari K. Vedantam is praiseworthy. BGM by Mickey J. Meyer is the highlight of the movie as it sets the tone for the entire film. Varun Tej perfectly fits and justifies the role of wing commander capturing the role with sincerity and depth.


Overall, Operation Valentine addresses the story unfolded in the Pulwama attacks and how soldiers face their day-to-day lives but the movie lacks originality and the screenplay could have been better. the movie is receiving a good response and is a must-watch movie for this summer.

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