BRO Worldwide Collection Till Now

August 2, 2023

BRO Worldwide Collection Till Now

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan‘s BRO is smashing every possible record at the box office. The film has been in the news for multiple reasons. One of the videos is circulating on social media, Producer TG Vishwa Prasad of people media factor banner was linked to black money. Vishwa Prasad rubbished the rumours and stated “The concept of ‘black money’ doesn’t exist in the United States. The income or revenue generated gets reported and it will be taxed. Whatever is left over after taxing can be sent to India or any other country and tax doesn’t apply on it. It is not possible to send black money from the USA to India,” said Vishwa Prasad.

He further was also asked about the budget of BRO and the remuneration of Pawan Kalyan. Vishwa Prasad said that there is no need for me to tell anyone about BRO update or the remuneration of Pawan Kalyan.

Can you guess, how much BRO collected so far at the box office? The film has collected Rs 107. 43 cr at the worldwide box office.

Bro The Avatar WW Box Office

Day 1 – ₹ 48.09 cr Day 2 – ₹ 27.61 cr Day 3 – ₹ 25.84 cr Day 4 – ₹ 6.39 cr Total – ₹ 107.93 cr

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