Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Rathika’s Family Entry Sparks Speculation and Strategic Moves

November 10, 2023

Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Rathika’s Family Entry Sparks Speculation and Strategic Moves

We’ve seen some contestant’s emotional reunions with family members in the last two days. These heartfelt moments have impacted both the contestants and the audience. However, we have yet to witness some family entering the house. Rathika Rose is the most concerned of them all.

Day 67, In this episode is an emotional roller coaster, Amardeep‘s joy peaks as he gets a memorable birthday surprise from Tejaswini. following this, Shobha’s mother comes bearing a gift and Prince Yawar reunites with his brother.

According to the Day 68 Promo, Bigg Boss Surprises Pallavi Prashanth’s father’s entry to the house. His father reunites with all housemates and gives some bits of advice to his son.

Here Is The Promo Clip:

Rathika Rose narrowly escaped from elimination in the last week. However, she was nominated again this week. Speculation suggests that the delay in bringing Rathika’s family into the house might be a strategic move by the Bigg Boss team.

Rathika’s re-entry into the game hasn’t been very successful so far, and the impact of her family’s entry remains uncertain. Outside the house, Rathika’s family has been actively giving interviews in support of her. If they have any interesting emotional moments once they arrive at the house, it will assist to gain some votes.

This week’s focus on family emotions and reunions promises an emotional episode, and it remains to be seen how these sentiments will affect the outcome of the nominations and potential elimination.

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