Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Drama Unfolds In Captaincy Task

November 25, 2023

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Drama Unfolds In Captaincy Task

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Ulta-Pulta season, the excitement soared as the remaining ten contestants geared up for the ultimate captaincy task. Amardeep, Ashwini, and Rathika were on the edge of their seats, anticipating their chance to finally don the captain’s hat. Little did they know, the fate of the captaincy rested in the hands of their fellow housemates.

The Bigg Boss twist unfolded with a gunshot sound, signaling the contenders to step forward. Each pair faced a daunting choice as they were presented with two photos. The task? To eliminate one contestant from the captaincy race by “shooting” their photo. The drama ensued as alliances were tested, and the housemates found themselves caught in a web of strategic decisions.

As the task progressed, it became clear that almost everyone’s photos were under fire, adding an extra layer of suspense to the proceedings. However, the spotlight shifted towards the end when only Amar, Shivaji, and Arjun remained in the captaincy contention.

The tension reached its peak when Sobha and Shivaji had to make a crucial decision between Arjun and Amardeep. But here’s the catch – they were divided, each with a different opinion. The clash of perspectives led to an emotional outburst from Sivaji, who, unable to support Amardeep, found himself in a difficult situation. The emotions ran high, and the unexpected turn of events left everyone on the edge of their seats.

With the housemates unable to reach a consensus, the atmosphere in the Bigg Boss mansion intensified. Amardeep’s emotional turmoil and the deadlock in decision-making took a toll on the contestants, pushing the boundaries of entertainment and drama.

In a surprising twist, Bigg Boss decided to step in and canceled the captaincy task for the week, leaving the housemates in suspense and viewers eagerly awaiting the next episode of the captivating Bigg Boss saga.

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