Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Ranking Task Twist

November 16, 2023

Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Ranking Task Twist

In this latest Bigg Boss 7 Telugu episode the contestants face challenging ranking tasks themselves on a scale of 1 to 10. This task brings not only stirred emotions and unexpected twists.

Rathika said she deserved the 5th position due to her absence and a perceived decline in performance and was surprised when the majority of housemates voted her down to tenth place.

Ashwini ranked herself at the place, But the housemates voted unanimously for her in 9th place. This decision left Ashwini puzzled since the house merely stated that it was a unanimous decision.

Amar confidently ranked himself in 1st position in the housemates, but the majority votes from all contestants ranked him 6th place. Amar accepted the ranking with grace, intending to reclaim the top place before the season concludes.

Shobha ranking himself in 3rd position, became a point of dispute among the housemates. While Arjun fought for her placement at 7th place, the majority votes settled for her in 5th position. Shobha, obviously moved by Arjun’s criticism, pledged to disrupt anyone aiming for the first and second places.

Priyanka ranked herself in 2nd position, But he faced a mixed response from the housemates. Shobha and Amar ranked her in 4th place, while Rathika, initially inclined towards 6th, agreed with the majority and ranked Priyanka in 4th position.

Shivaji skillfully positioned himself at 2nd place, But the majority votes ranked him 1st place, leaving Shobha, who had previously sworn to prevent anyone from gaining the top positions, contributing to Shivaji’s 1st rank vote.

Pallavi Prashant ranked himself in 2nd place, But the majority of votes were received from housemates for the 3rd Position. Rathika is concerned about his dependence on Shivaji because of his strong relationship with him.

Prince, who received 1st rank from Shivaji, eventually secured the 2nd position from the majority votes.

Gowtham obtained varied rankings from Shobha (3rd) and Arjun (7th), But the majority votes ranked him 8th position as that was the only position remaining.

Surprisingly Bigg Boss twisted the housemates, Bigg Boss gave the opportunity to the contestants for the eviction pass game who were in the bottom 5 ranked contestants Amar, Arjun, Ashwini, Rathika, and Gowtham. Arjun emerged victorious and won the Eviction Pass.

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