Bigg Boss Telugu 7 A Explosive Nominations

November 15, 2023

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 A Explosive Nominations

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu, the nomination process turned into a rollercoaster of emotions, delivering one of the most explosive and dramatic moments of the season.

The showdown began when Prashant went head-to-head with Arjun, nominating him and accusing him of frequently resorting to revenge nominations. Arjun, undeterred, admitted to his strategy, sparking a heated argument. Shivaji intervened to play peacemaker, trying to cool the escalating tensions between the two contestants. Prashant didn’t stop there; he also nominated Rathika, expressing dissatisfaction with her gameplay and feeling she hadn’t fully utilized her potential in the house.

Ashwini targeted Priyanka in her nominations, citing negative comments about the Bhole-Ashwini relationship. Priyanka, surprisingly calm, defended herself in a departure from her usual dominating style. Ashwini also criticized Priyanka for boasting about her accomplishments and nominated Amar, claiming he took too much credit for the Diwali song’s success and shifted blame to Shobha when it faced criticism. Arjun added fuel to the fire by criticizing Amar’s behaviour during the Diwali incident.

Prince nominated Shobha, accusing her of biased nominations to protect Amar, a charge Shobha vehemently denied. Prince also nominated Amar for what he perceived as inappropriate behaviour during a captaincy task, leading to a heated exchange between the two, with Amar challenging Prince’s version of events and Prince demanding video evidence to support his claims.

Shobha mistakenly mentioned last week that she wanted to nominate Prince but couldn’t because of her association with the Royal Mothers team. This revelation confirmed Prince’s suspicion that Shobha held an ill-gotten advantage against him.

Amar reacted by nominating Gowtham, thereby extending the circle of vengeance. He also nominated Prince, asserting that Prince’s initial outstanding gameplay had faded. The conversation became loud, with Amar raising his voice and confronting Prince over remarks made to Rathika.

Shivaji nominated Gowtham for minor reasons and Priyanka for bias in her role as a Royal Mother.

Now, facing eviction this week are Amar, Shobha, Priyanka, Arjun, Rathika, Prince, and Gowtham. Rathika, Ashwini, and Shobha find themselves in the danger zone. However, Shobha’s potential immunity as a management quota candidate adds a twist, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next eviction announcement.

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