Bigg Boss 7 Telugu For Eviction Pass

November 17, 2023

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu For Eviction Pass

In the latest episode turn of events in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, Arjun’s victory in securing the eviction pass has be set off a fierce competition, where he must now defend it against contestants who secured ranks 1 to 5. Having obtained the pass initially, Arjun holds the privilege of selecting his opponent for the task and the pass will be transferred to the winner. The initiatory task titled “Shake Baby Shake,” required contestants to delicately balance balls on a plank supported by springs. Arjun chose Prince as his opponent, however, he lost the task, resulting in Prince becoming the new owner of the coveted eviction pass.

The subsequent task demanded contestants to exhibit sharp memory skills in a challenging memory test. Contestants were presented with three number plates on the screen, necessitating memorization and subsequent identification from an extensive array of plates. Prince, having selected Prashant as his competitor, emerged victorious with a 2-1 score. The following task, themed “I Love Burger,” involved contestants rolling dice, and consuming burgers whenever the caption “I Love Burger” appeared. Prince faced Shobha in this challenge, securing another to be the victor, while Shobha struggled with the consumption of numerous burgers, even experiencing discomfort during the task.

Transitioning to the task named “Take a Bow,” Prince faced the simultaneous challenge of two contestants. Participants had to precisely balance many balls on a bow. Prince demonstrated his skills by earning victory. However, a controversy resulted as Shobha attempted to manipulate the rules, advocating for Priyanka, who had lost in the second round, to be declared the winner. at last, this task exploded a heated exchange between Shobha and Shivaji, with allegations of bias and partiality.

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