Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Damini Eliminated From the Show

September 25, 2023

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Damini Eliminated From the Show

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 has completed its third week and is entering its fourth. The contestants are doing their best to entertain the audience and avoid elimination. In the recent episode, host Nagarjuna announced the third week immunity contender, Shobha Shetty, who won the task with a 12-second difference over Priyanka.

Nagarjuna questioned Priyanka’s confession room comment about Amardeep and asked Amardeep if he was playing for Priyanka or for himself.

As it is the weekend, it is time for elimination. The nominated contestants are Amardeep, Damini, Subbu, Yawar, Priyanka Jain, Gautham, and Rathika. Of these, Amardeep, Yawar, Priyanka Jain, Rathika, and Gautham are safe, while Shuba Shree and Damini are in the danger zone. According to speculations, Damini is the latest contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house.

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