Beyond Tillu Square the Future of Tillu Series

December 9, 2023

Beyond Tillu Square the Future of Tillu Series

Tillu Series: Siddhu Jonnalagadda’s upcoming film ‘Tillu Square’ has garnered considerable attention with its released songs capturing the audience’s interest. However, persistent delays in the film’s release have raised concerns among the makers. Siddhu Jonnalagadda acknowledged these setbacks, expressing apologies while assuring that despite the delays ‘Tillu Square’ will deliver double the entertainment and thrill.

Currently, Siddhu is meticulously refining the film for its anticipated release in February 2024. In a recent conversation with Nithin for the promotion of ‘Extraordinary Man’, Siddhu officially confirmed that ‘Tillu Square’ won’t mark the end of the series.

He envisions continuing the series with periodic releases aiming for a new ‘Tillu’ movie every 2-3 years, while also engaging in other film projects. Despite generating considerable excitement the movie’s continuous reshoots and delays might be impacting its buzz. There is uncertainty about whether the film will indeed hit the screens in February or face further postponements.

Starring Anupama Parameswaran alongside Siddhu Jonnalagadda ‘Tillu Square’ is directed by Mallik Ram who is known for his work on films like ‘Adbhutam’ and ‘Naruda Donaruda’. Fans eagerly await the release hoping for the successful and timely arrival of this promising movie.

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