AR Rahman Opens Up About His Depression

January 11, 2024

AR Rahman Opens Up About His Depression

AR Rahman recently spoke about his relationship with spirituality at an event. He shared how he deals with emotionally challenging times and credited his mother for teaching him how to handle dark thoughts. He also spoke about how he battled suicidal thoughts.

On Battling Suicidal Thoughts:

Speaking to students at the Oxford Union debating society, AR Rahman delved into his life and career, emphasizing the crucial role his mother played in guiding him through dark thoughts. He disclosed “During my youth, when grappling with suicidal thoughts, my mother imparted invaluable wisdom, saying, ‘Living for others prevents such thoughts.’ This advice has profoundly impacted me.”

The musician expressed the significance of altruism, a principle taught by his mother. Rahman expressed, “Living selflessly gives your life meaning. Whether it’s composing for others, writing with purpose, helping those in need, or simply offering a smile, these actions fuel our journey. Additionally, the uncertainty of the future often holds extraordinary possibilities. Embracing hope and engaging in positive deeds keep me motivated, breaking the monotony of self-perceived accomplishment.”

About Spirituality:

Responding to a question about why he doesn’t talk more about spiritualism, Rahman said everyone experiences dark times and it’s important to remember that life is a short journey.

Responding to questions about why he doesn’t talk more about spirituality Rahman said that everyone has dark moments and shared that it’s important to remember life is a short journey. Rahman said “We all encounter challenging phases; however, it’s crucial to recognize that life is a brief journey. Our existence in this world is temporary, and our ultimate destination is unknown, shaped by individual imagination and beliefs.”

. He believes this approach gives life meaning and keeps him going. Apart from his musical endeavors, Rahman envisions contributing to society through education and mentoring the next generation. Notably, he recently composed music for the Hindi film ‘Pippa,’ featuring Ishaan Khatter and Mrunal Thakur.

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