Yatra 2 Movie Review: Delivers A Compelling Sequel

February 8, 2024

Yatra 2

Yatra 2

  • Cast : Mammootty, Jiiva, Ketaki Narayan, Suzanne Bernert, Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Director : Mahi V Raghav
  • Producer : Shiva Meka
  • Banner : Three Autumn Leaves
  • Music : Santhosh Narayanan

2.75 / 5

‘Yatra 2’ serves as a sequel to the 2019 hit ‘Yatra’, which was based on the life of a former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Rajashekar Reddy. In this installment, the focus shifts to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the current chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, portrayed by Jiiva.


The film delves into the aftermath of YSR’s demise, highlighting Jagan’s journey as he embarks on the Odarpu Yatra to console those affected by his father’s death. Despite facing backlash for his decisions, Jagan’s unwavering determination and the enduring legacy of YSR propel his political ascent.

Plus Points:

  • The dialogues resonate naturally with the audience, effectively conveying Jagan’s viewpoint and ideology.
  • Mammooty and Jiiva deliver commendable performances, capturing the essence of YSR and Jagan respectively.
  • Several scenes evoke strong emotional responses, adding depth to the characters and narrative.
  • The film refrains from satirical comments on opponents, instead focusing on compellingly presenting the truth.
  • With high production values, including impressive cinematography, music, and set design, the film offers a visually captivating experience.

Minus Points:

  • Audiences should not expect comedic elements or satirical commentary on opponent leaders, as the film adopts a more serious tone.
  • Some viewers may find the film slow-moving, particularly in the second half, which adopts a documentary-style approach.

Technical Analysis:

After watching the film, you canclearly understand that a lot of research has been done as real life incidents have been brought to life in a beautiful manner. Production values by Shiva Meka are top notch as the film looks real and rooted. As said earlier. dialouges elevate the film to another level altogether. Music by Santhosh Narayan is decent but the background score is terrific as every scene in the film is give a soul through his music. The production design, casting, location selection are perfect and bring authentic vibe to the film.


‘Yatra 2’ is a compelling sequel that offers insight into the political journey of Jagan Mohan Reddy. While appealing to fans of YSRCP and Jagan, the film also resonates well with general audiences, shedding light on the realities of politics. Overall, it is a worthy watch, showcasing the enduring legacy of YSR and the indomitable spirit of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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