Tripti Dimri Reacts About The Intimacy Scene In Animal

December 8, 2023

Tripti Dimri Reacts About The Intimacy Scene In Animal

Following the release of ‘Animal,’ Tripti Dimri, who gained widespread attention for her role in the film has become a social media sensation. The actress who portrayed a bold character in ‘Animal’ recently addressed her involvement in an intimate scene in the movie.

Tripti revealed that director Sandeep Vanga provided a detailed narration of the scene before filming. Initially skeptical she later understood the scene’s significance within the narrative and decided to portray it. “I had no apprehension and did the scene,” she mentioned.

The actress shared that Sandeep Vanga used the reference to “Beauty and the Beast” for the scene and she enjoyed playing the role. Tripti Dimri emphasized that the director ensured a professional and comfortable atmosphere during the filming of the intimate sequence.

“Sandeep made sure that there was no unnecessary attention while filming the scene. He asked if I was okay doing it and proceeded to set the shot only after I agreed. It was a very professionally shot sequence,” she concluded.

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