Telugu Film Chamber Afraid Of Taking Action ?

March 2, 2024

Telugu Film Chamber Afraid Of Taking Action ?

Despite the reported violations by some exhibitors screening other movies instead of ‘HanuMan’ during the Sankranthi festival, the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce finds itself unable to impose penalties on 10 to 12 theatres in Telangana State. This issue took center stage at a recent executive committee meeting, where discussions were held but the chamber’s hands were tied due to restrictions imposed by the Competition Commission of India (CCI).

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that the Chamber received complaints from ‘HanuMan’ distributors in the Nizam region but struggled to take substantial action due to the CCI’s past rulings against such penalties. For instance, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce faced repercussions for imposing fines on Big Cinemas in Bangalore, resulting in the fines being revoked.

The conflict between distributors and exhibitors was a focal point during the executive committee meeting. While agreements between the parties are typically considered binding, the breach by ten to twelve exhibitors led to heated arguments. The distributors of ‘HanuMan’ raised this issue and demanded penalties, prompting Chamber heads to intervene. The executive committee, comprising 47 members from various sectors including studios, producers, distributors, and exhibitors, regularly addresses agenda items and other significant industry matters.

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