SuperWomen Movie ‘Indrani’ is a multi-lingual release on April 5, 2024

February 18, 2024

SuperWomen Movie ‘Indrani’ is a multi-lingual release on April 5, 2024

‘Indrani’ stars Yaniya Bharadwaj and Kabir Duhan Singh in lead roles. This high-concept movie marks the directorial debut of Stephen Pallam. Produced by Stephen Pallam under the banner of Shray Motion Pictures. ‘Indrani’ also features Shataf Figar, Ankitha, Franita, Garima Kaushal, Pratap Singh, Ajay, and Saptagiri.

Its trailer has been released. It features a monologue voiceover by Sai Kumar, who refers to big events that the makers say will make sense only when we watch the film. Geopolitical events have been touched upon in the film that is partly set in the 22nd Century.

Melody Brahma Mani Sharma and renowned producer Anil Sunkara attended the film’s trailer event in Hyderabad as chief guests. They both expressed their complete surprise over the visual quality of the film. The trailer for the film is nearly 4 minutes long.

Writer-director Stephen Pallam elaborated on the film’s ambitious scope, saying that the story brings in elements such as time travel, futuristic sci-fi, and technology-driven superhero themes.

Music director Sai Kartheek lauded the visual spectacle of the film and teased an exciting background score, likening it to a superhero ensemble akin to the Avengers. Co-producer KK Reddy acknowledged the collective effort behind the film’s creation and stressed the importance of media support in its promotion.

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