Devara 100 Crores Pre-Release Business Deal ?

January 22, 2024

Devara 100 Crores Pre-Release Business Deal ?

Despite a substantial number of distributors having shown keen interest in the highly anticipated film ‘Devara’, agreements for its theatrical release in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are still pending finalization. The film, featuring the acclaimed Young Tiger Jr NTR, is eagerly anticipated and the makers are aiming for a deal worth Rs 150 crores in the two Telugu states, given Jr NTR’s soaring popularity and his collaboration with renowned filmmaker Koratala Shiva for an action-packed adventure. However, as of now, the deals remain in the negotiation phase, according to a distributor.

The distributor elaborates, “The makers are looking to sell the film for Rs 50 crores in the Nizam region, Rs 70 crores in Andhra, and Rs 30 crores in Ceded region. The delay in finalizing the deals is attributed to distributors taking their time to fulfill advance payments.” Undoubtedly, Jr NTR is basking in the massive success of ‘RRR’ and aspires to replicate that success with ‘Devara.’

Jr NTR has a fan base with diverse audience segments, from the youth to the masses, women to family audience segments, He is a significant crowd-puller among Telugu stars. The distributor emphasizes that Jr NTR is expected to generate sensational openings that will sustain audience interest through his stellar performance, and showcase his physical prowess in overcoming adversaries.

Notably, distributors from Kerala have entered Hyderabad to secure distribution rights in the Telugu states. “Distributors from Kerala have a robust network and are seeking collaboration with local distributors. Having garnered significant profits from the release of ‘Baahubali 2’ in Kerala, they now aim to establish a presence in the Telugu states,” the source informs. However, negotiations are ongoing between Telugu distributors and the makers, who, being a home production for Jr NTR, are not in a hurry. The source predicts that the deals could be finalized in the next two days, given the film’s scheduled release in April.

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