Salaar-Shouryanga Parvam Shooting Set To Commence Soon ?

January 29, 2024

Salaar-Shouryanga Parvam Shooting Set To Commence Soon ?

Prabhas, the Pan India Star in collaboration with director Prashant Neel delivered a thundering blockbuster in the form of ‘Salaar Ceasefire’. This action-packed extravaganza not only set the box office ablaze but also attained phenomenal success, creating a tidal wave of collections. Now, with the spotlight on the much-anticipated ‘Salaar-Shouryanga Parvam,’ the stakes and expectations have soared to unprecedented heights.

Amidst this fiery anticipation, a tantalizing rumor has surfaced regarding ‘Salaar-Shouryanga Parvam’. Buzz on the grapevine suggests that shooting is scheduled to commence in November. with the film eyeing a grand release on Dussera in 2025. Adding to the intrigue Vijay Kiragandur the producer for this project shared some insights into the future of the franchise. He revealed that filming for Part 2 is set to kick off in November, targeting 2025 release. Kirangudur further heightened expectations by drawing a comparison with the acclaimed series ‘Game Of Thrones’, hinting at a cinematic experience that promises to be both epic and immersive.

Notably, ‘Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire’ has already etched its name in the record books by amassing a staggering Rs. 659.69 crore worldwide within a mere two weeks. The huge success of Part 1 only intensifies the eagerness and anticipation for what promises to be a cinematic saga of grand proportions in ‘Salaar-Shouryanga Parvam’.

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